CCPC Reading Groups

Here is the reading schedule for the next several months! Outlines of each reading section will be provided on the day we meet. Please try to read as much as you can. If you cannot read all the material, show up anyway because you can still learn from the outline and discussion. DV, we’ll meet after lunch, around 3PM or so.

CCPC Reading Groups, 2018

CGG                                                                           CCC

Christian Growth Group                                            Christian Classics Club

1St Sunday of the Month                                              3rd Sunday of the Month


William Gurnall                                                          Wilhelmus a’Brakel

The Christian in Complete Armour                       The Christian’s Reasonable Service

3 Vols. (Abridged) BOT                                             4 Vols. (Unabridged) RHB


Feb.                                                                             Feb.

1:23-58                                                                            1:3-46



March                                                                         March

1:59-93                                                                             1:46-81



April                                                                          April

1:93-123                                                                         1:83-138



May                                                                            May

1:124-161                                                                        1:139-191



June                                                                            June

1:161-1867                                                                       1:193-250



July                                                                            July

1:186-219                                                                       1:251-303



Aug.                                                                            Aug.

1:219-247                                                                        1:307-354

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