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  • A Westminster Divine Opposed Paedo-Communion
    Richard Vines was an influential Westminster Divine and he wrote one of the most helpful works on the Lord’s Supper. I hope to supply more quotes from him in the future. But regarding 1 Cor. 11:28, “Let a man examine himself” he had this to say: “Let a man examine himself, which if any one… Read more: A Westminster Divine Opposed Paedo-Communion
  • William Spurstowe on The Profound Mysteries in the Bible
    William Spurstowe, one of the Westminster Divines, wrote on various topics on which to meditate over his life time. This quote comes from some of the mysteries one encounters in the Bible. The subject matter of meditation from which this quote came is “On the Bible.” Was it ever heard, that he who was the… Read more: William Spurstowe on The Profound Mysteries in the Bible
  • Joseph Caryl on God Answering Prayer
    Isaiah 65:24, “And it shall come to pass that before they call I will answer, and while they are yet speaking I will hear.” In the very act of praying, the answer came forth; yea, the answer sometimes antedates our asking, and the grant comes before the petition. The giving out of the answer may… Read more: Joseph Caryl on God Answering Prayer
  • Thoughts from Westminster Divines
    I intend to upload small and large quotes and passages from some of the Westminster Divines I have been reading of late. I have been reading them to write a commentary on the Larger Catechism so many of the selections might cover similar themes and theological topics taught in the Larger Catechism. I will also… Read more: Thoughts from Westminster Divines
  • Virtual Worship?
    Virtual Worship? Many articles talk about the benefits of having “virtual worship.” Some sites offer helpful and simple ways to do it.[1] All of them assume its need and its inevitability. One site allows you to download “worship”: “Download if you need some worship for your service!” — you can have this singer with his… Read more: Virtual Worship?