What We Believe

Simplicity in Worship, Ministry and Life

We believe that the New Testament teaches us that our worship is to be simple. It is to be regulated by the Word of God (we call this the Regulative Principle). We do not seek to be innovative or creative but rather faithful.
Our ministry is focused primarily on the Lord’s Day service. We believe that corporate worship is indispensable to Christian growth and that it is one of the mightiest means of grace. We also believe that the Lord’s Day is to be regulated similarly as the Sabbath Day and that the two are virtually synonymous (allowing for the changes brought about by the New Covenant). We continually seek the Lord’s hand to own the ministry of the Word, that He alone might receive all the glory.
As to the Christian life, our church seeks to maintain a simple church structure without being encumbered by too many programs. In this simple structure (as we believe we find in Scripture), we encourage one another to grow in grace by emphasizing regular private and family worship. Regular session visits seek to support these appointed means of grace. We encourage the people to grow in grace at home and to reach out to their neighbors, friends, relatives and peers.

The Primacy of Gospel Grace

The Gospel is good soul food for both believers and unbelievers. In it the testimony of God’s amazing grace is communicated. So, repeated stress is given to the way the great Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ impacts every facet of our lives. This Gospel is not a license to sin, nor is it merely another Law to be kept. Mature growth is healthiest and most vibrant when one is plunged in the deep and rich soil of Gospel Grace. As a result, we challenge each member to fully grasp the doctrine of justification by faith alone. Though we stress strong Christian consistency and discipline, it is all to be motivated by grace and gratitude. Nevertheless, justification and sanctification are inseparable.

Consciously and Consistently Confessional

As subscribers of the Westminster Confession of Faith, we believe honesty and integrity force us to warmly hold to our doctrines consciously and consistently. We say ‘consciously’ because we do not hide the fact that we are Presbyterian. We say ‘consistently’ because we believe our doctrines must impact the flavor of our worship, ministry, and life. Therefore, we think being Presbyterian in doctrine and ecclesiology will make the life and ministry of the church different from other ‘ministries.’ That does not mean we condemn other Protestant denominations nor are we confessing that we are the only ones that are right. We simply wish to be honest about what we believe in and we humbly hold to our convictions and believe them to be faithful to Scripture.

Puritan, Experiential, Warm Calvinism

Though we seek to master the doctrines we possess, we also by the grace of God hope and pray that these great truths would possess and master us. We believe an ‘experiential’ element is vital and cannot be severed from the Christian’s life. It is not the proverbial ‘dead orthodoxy’ or the ‘introspective life’ we seek, but, like the great Christians of old, we believe that a vital apprehension of the doctrines of grace will inevitably engender genuine strong Christian experience. Communion with God flows from our union with Christ. Calvinism is to be believed, felt and lived because we believe it is the system of doctrine taught in the Scriptures.