In an era of churches striving to be relevant and filling their services with all sorts of things designed to appeal to the modern church goer, visitors have found our worship service to be a little different:  SimpleReformed, and Scripture-filled.

Simple – we don’t try to be flashy, or trendy. We sing psalms and hymns, holding hymnals, with piano accompaniment. We are simply a gathering of people who want to meet with God and who believe that God chooses to bless His people through the ordinary means of grace.

Reformed – we hold to the Reformed understanding that God has set down in His word the right way to worship Him, and that we are not to add anything more (the regulative principle of worship.) We believe that God is the central figure in worship and we desire to do that which is pleasing to Him. The elements in our worship are simple and Reformed: prayer, singing, God’s word, and the sacraments.

Scripture-filled – we believe that God meets with His people in the preaching of His word. That is why so much of our service revolves around hearing from God through the reading, exposition, and preaching of His word. In addition to our pastor’s sermon, we read sequentially through both the New and the Old Testaments. After the elder reads the passage, he will then give a short exposition of explanation and application. Where else can you get three messages in one service?

(Sample Bulletin)