The Angels’ Holy Zeal to Avenge God’s Cause

I had never considered this thought regarding the elect angels.  John Newton sanely and guardedly described the ministry of angels in one of his letters. There was nothing particularly new in most of what he wrote though, as so often is the case with his letters, what he wrote was practical and edifying. He did however conclude the epistle by challenging unbelievers who might have happened to read this published letter with these words: “They burn with an holy zeal to avenge his cause; and only wait his command to smite you, as one of them smote Herod, for not giving glory to God. Pray for faith and repentance.”[1] These are sobering words. Since elect angels do the Lord’s bidding and are on the Lord’s side with a zeal for His glory, Newton correctly drew the conclusion that they are not sympathetic to those who rebel against their Lord. Unless the Lord saves and converts the rebels, the angels will eventually pour out the wrath of God on them (cf. Rev. 16:1).

[1] John Newton, The Works of The Rev. John Newton (New York: Williams & Whiting, 1810), 1:389.

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