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February 11, 2011

All Things for Good: An Explanation and Defense of Thomas Watson’s Book

This small book of 127 pages is packed full of good spiritual insights. The nine chapters bring out the meaning and usefulness of Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” In typical Puritan fashion, Thomas […]

January 31, 2011

Chapter 5, What happens during the Lord’s Supper? (1)

A way of fellowshipping with Christ Something happens during the Lord’s Supper. It is more than mere thinking. Many believe we are called to merely think about what happened in the past. They think this is the only thing that happens. There is something more than reflecting on the past. Something actually happens at the […]

December 6, 2010

Chapter 4, What is the Lord’s Supper?

We have spent some time explaining what the Lord’s Supper is not. It is now time to show what it is. It is always good to know why we believe what we do as well as why we don’t believe certain things. Sometimes we can best understand certain biblical truths when we see them compared […]

October 21, 2010

Chapter 3, Do we all believe the same thing about the Lord’s Supper?

I certainly wish everyone believed the same thing about the Lord’s Supper. Some have not studied the Bible carefully while other people let tradition control their understanding of the Lord’s Supper. We want to be as clear as possible, while being humble about what we believe the Bible teaches. In the end, the Bible is […]

October 3, 2010

Why read Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening? (I)

For over a decade, I’ve never seen the value of reading Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening. Everywhere I turned, a new edition of this daily devotional popped up. Beautiful leather bound renditions, soft leatherettes, large, small, gilded, with built in bookmarks, etc. and then were the myriads of electronic versions. Yet, from what I had read […]

September 28, 2010

Chapter 2, Why couldn’t I take the Lord’s Supper?

Why can’t you take the Lord’s Supper? Is it because you are too young? Is it because you’ve sinned too much? Is it because you don’t know enough? Actually, it’s none of the above. It depends upon the answer to this question, “Are you a Christian?” It is that simple. It is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. How you answer that question affects the rest of your life.

September 20, 2010

Chapter 1, An Introduction to the Lord’s Supper

Did you ever ask your parents or elders what the Lord’s Supper was all about? Did you think it was only allowed for big older kids? Maybe you thought it was only for grown ups? But did you know that you too might be able to take the Lord’s Supper?

You might have smelled the bread and the wine some Sundays and wished you could have eaten the bread or drunk the wine because you were hungry. Yet, you knew that it was more than just a snack. Everyone seems so serious and quiet. At times, their seriousness may make you a little uncomfortable. Your mom or dad appeared to be more serious during this time than any other time during the service. Why all this seriousness? What is going on here that is so serious?

September 20, 2010

A Student’s Guide to the Lord’s Supper, Introduction

The following very brief chapters will be uploaded dealing with the Lord’s Supper. We have used this small booklet to instruct our covenant children about the Lord’s Supper. It is written to prepare them to become communicant members. Of course, it does not mean that each child will necessarily become a communicant member since each […]

September 19, 2010

Why Pray?

Basics in Christian Faith and Living Why pray? Introduction All of us struggle with prayer. Could we be more disciplined? Shouldn’t we pray longer? Our minds rush through all that we have to do when we get up in the morning and it is very challenging to set aside time to pray. Let us see […]

September 19, 2010

Why read the Bible?

Basics in Christian Faith and Living Why read the Bible? Introduction Most Christians believe it is a good thing to read the Bible. Many feel guilty because they don’t read enough. Some feel dissatisfied with their on and off schedule. Others have no real method or plan but tend to read something in the Bible […]

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